Nepal to China || Road trip || Liping hot water kodari || Journey from Nepal to China

Yes, the driving distance between Nepal to China is 4865 km. It takes approximately 2 days 9h to drive from Nepal to China.Aug 23, 2021

Though Nepal is close to Tibet China, you are not advised to enter China through Tibet. The best way from Nepal to China is to take flight, and enter through big arrival cities in China, like Chengdu and Guangzhou.

► Distance from Katmandu to Beijing: 3,125 km.

► Flight type from Nepal to China: connecting flight, nonstop flight.

► Flight time from Nepal to China: +1 h.

► Major arrival cities in China: Chengdu, Kunming, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong

► Major departure cities in China: Katmandu.

► Flight from Katmandu to China:

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1 month ago

beautiful place and nice video with good explanation. From USA