Nepali comedy TV series, are about to launch a new music video

Artists like Sagar Lamsal (Bale), Anita Basnet (Masterney), Marichman Shrestha (Balchi), Raju Poudel (Master), Subash Okhei, who have made a name for themselves in Nepali comedy TV series, are about to launch a new music video. Anita, who became the wife of the master in the serial, said that artists Sagar Lamsal of Sakkigoni was thrilled to become a lover, while Raju Master expressed his jealousy in his mind. Anita Basnet has broadcast the music video “Timi Sang” from youtube channel.

He said that he has made a very good music video with a lot of effort from the comedians of the serial. In the song, when a lover is with two people, it is shown who to go with. One after another music videos of Sagar Lamsal Bale have come into the limelight. All the artists have said that they are happy to work with the team and they are sure that everyone will like the music video. After Sagar and Balchi and Raju talked about both the issues, he said that he could not speak.

Artist Juthe Balchi Dhurbe, who has presented his art in many comedy TV series and music videos, has become popular among the viewers. Balchi, who has acted in many ways in his life, is increasing his popularity among the audience day by day. Raju Master said that Balchi Dhurbe and Raju Master, who belong to the same family, used to talk to each other like a brother, father and son. Initially, the idea was to create something different, but later it changed and became a new type and the viewers also started showing great interest, said Raju master. The team, which rallied after a light hit, said it had received a good response from the audience.

He said that the lie was created to create a public awareness in the society, even if it was to eliminate discrimination in the village. Balchi says that sometimes she cries when she remembers the real events in the society. He said that Raju Master has moved forward in the field of art by working hard. According to Raju Master, Mary Bassai, Jire Khursani, Hijoaj, Titosatya have reached the place where they can catch the boom with great sorrow. After working in four places, Beam says he reached the place.

Raju Master Love says that the bait came when the people holding the bomb arrived. Raju Master says that it was very difficult to get involved in the field of art at first. According to Marichman, he learned acting ten days after arriving in Kathmandu. He said that he got to speak a dialogue after 5-6 months. According to Balchi, they are connected from a Gaijatra. He said that there was no difference between the two as the money was open in all cases. According to Balchi Dhurbe, Kheri used to get tears in his eyes while writing lies.

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