Nepali house next to China, Bhagya Neupane, Olangchung Gola pemba serpa

Pema Serpa, 30, of Olangchung Khola, Taplejung district, has been herding for 12 years. She is now 30 years old.  He has a cowshed next to Chin, so that his children do not have to suffer like him. He has been constantly teaching his children.  Even if people try to change something at a young age, their journey does not seem to be successful.

Pema, who raises yaks and poachers, says that although the market was good in the past, now that the market has declined, they have lost a lot.  In Nepal, there are lakes, ponds and temples with various religious and cultural histories.  Observing the pleasant atmosphere along the way, the fun of playing with different natural environments comes to the fore.  In Nepal, the gifts given by nature are very enjoyable, which builds the future of man.  Since Nepalis have a lot of faith in religion and karma, they have been associated with various things.

He has been depicting the real life of the village society, the journeys of Bhagya Neupane are still moving towards the village place, city, side by side, he has started depicting the real life of the people.  No matter how much technology has developed, the lives of people in some places do not seem to have changed much.  Most of the people in the place started their life from the same old Sally.

The actions of Bhagya Neupane, the host of Tatato Khabar, had won over many Nepali citizens. For some time now, he had disappeared without revealing any information about himself.  The news came out to be.  Many people were curious about the fate of the people who were suffering and where they went all of a sudden.

Two or three of the news he showed were false, and after he started getting negative comments, his fortune disappeared without being seen on any social media.  He says that he has not been able to connect with the audience for some time now as his family has been infected in Korkana Lockdown.  He has said that he has returned to the same area with the old Jose Jagar.  He has presented the story of why Nepal is crossing the border in today’s series.

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