Nepali leader education qualification of political leaders

It is often discussed that Nepali politics is not good, Nepali people never got a proper leader to lead Nepal. Even the most educated people in Nepal reach the leadership level, but they do not achieve much, while most of the leaders are less educated and are seen in Nepalese politics. In Nepal, leaders with similar education are heard more than degree holder leaders.

Bidhya Debi Bhandari, the first female Prime Minister after the Republic of Nepal, became the first President of the country. Budyadebi has done her BA from Maheshwar Morung Multipurpose Campus. Former Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, who emerged from the Maoist faction of the Communist Party of Nepal, is the hope of Nepal and a leader liked by many, but his criticisms have become old in recent times.

Bhattarai, who gave the SLC examination in the year 2026, after clearing the board at Amrit Campus ISC, went to Chandigarh, India to study engineering on the Colombo Plan scholarship. After that, he studied in Delhi on a full scholarship to do his master’s degree at Town in Country Plant. He completed his long educational journey by completing his education in Nature of Development of Vision Structural of Nepali in 2042.

Khadak Prasad Oli (KP Oli), former Prime Minister Minister and President of Nepal Communist Party UML, who is in the limelight from Ukham Tukka, has studied up to class 10. He was unable to complete his formal education due to his long prison life from 2028 to 2044. But kp Oli was awarded an Honorary Education Certificate by India’s University of Technology Pantnagar.

Pusp Kamal Dahal Prachanda, Chairman of Nepal Communist Party Maoist and former Prime Minister, who lived underground for 13 years, obtained his BSC in Agriculture from Rampur Agricultural Campus in 2033. He studied up to MPA and also taught in various schools. Ser Bahadur Deuba, the chairman of Nepali Congress, the oldest party in the country, and the Prime Minister, Ser Bahadur Deuba, who has studied from Tribhuvan World School to graduate in political science and law, is now the Prime Minister of Nepal.

Born in Gaur, Rautahat district, Madhab Kumar Nepal has been involved in politics for 13 years and has completed his master’s degree in commerce from Tribhuvan World School. Born in Ilam, Jhalnath Khanal has completed his graduation in Political Science and History from Tribhuvan World School. Ramchandra Poudel, who spent 13 years in jail for protesting against the Panchayat, has completed his post-graduation from Tribhuvan World School. Upendra Yadab has completed his master’s degree from Maheshwar Morung Campus, Biratnagar. Vishwa Prakash Sarma has studied up to master’s degree, while Gagan Thapa has studied up to master’s degree.

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