Nepali Ram Charan, Preeti Rimal and Nepali Ram Charan will not come.

Viral singer Preeti Rimal has arrived at the shooting of the music video of Shishir Bhandari’s song. Preeti, who is enjoying in the field of song and music, is shocked to see Akash, who looks like Ram Charan, the famous hero of Southern movies, and goes viral as Nepali Ram Charan. Although the new news will be made public from Nepal youtube channel on July 26, the song will be released later in order to make the song even better. Model Poonam Poudel has also appeared along with Preeti Rimal and Abha Thapa. Even though the shooting of the song is over, even though the male voice is his own, now the male voice has changed. It is said that the song will be made public on Tuesday, July 30

In the song of Preeti Rimal, who went viral with her opening voice, now Akash Jana, who went viral as Ram Charan of Nepal, and Abha Chhori, who is very popular from Shishir Bhandari and Babachori ID in Tiktok, are also acting in this song. He said that the actors who have gone viral have good acting voice and acting speed. After Akash went viral, he said that he would like to play music videos. He said that he was very happy when Shishir Sir gave him a chance. After the video went viral overnight, she said that it was her sister who put the video on the ticket and suggested it to her. Abha, who went viral from Tiktok, has made 4-5 music videos and she is very happy to have the opportunity to make her first video.

In the world, seven people with the same face are born, just as people with the same face are found in different places. A Nepali looks like the famous Bollywood hero of South India, Ram Rachna, Ne Akash is very popular now, wherever he is, people don’t say you are Ram Charan, he says, taking photos. He said that similar comments were made while uploading video photos on social media. After Akash Jana, who has been fascinated in the field of art since a young age, went viral on Tiktok overnight, her life has changed. Akas, who has a big dream of becoming an artist, says that he is getting closer to his dream. The video of Akash Jana, who has a house in Dharan, went viral after he uploaded a video of Bhat Bhavana Rana doing gold work on his account.

He said that many people have started looking at him like Indian film star Ram Charan. Ram Charan’s South movie has been watched a lot, his new movie RRR has also been watched by Akash. He said that even though he did not use Tiktok at first, when he started using Tiktok last time, he reached 4.5 k in one day and two nights. He said that he had not come to Kathmandu before but now he is very happy to come to Kathmandu for the first time. He said that there are many people who want to take a photo of themselves as Ram Charan while boarding the plane. The video, which has received a lot of views so far, has received 3 million views, according to Akash.

He said that he stopped making videos because he didn’t know much about making videos in the past. After everyone started watching videos lately, now he has started making videos again. Although he wanted to study engineering, he said that his desire to work in the field of art has started to increase. After going viral, Aakash said that the way people look at everything has changed. He said that he is eager to work in this field after getting the love of the audience. Akash has started commenting on himself very well, he has said that he is inspired by love. He said that since his father worked as a goldsmith and helped him stay there, people reacted differently to him.

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