Nepali Serial Juthe Episode 16 Raju Poudel Marichman Shrestha

Juthe is a social television serial presented by Master TV. This serial is aired in Himalaya Television at 8:00 PM. We can also view it at YouTube at 9:00 PM in every Wednesday. The actor and actress of this serial are Rabi Giri Bidhya, Karki Rambabu Regmi,Mukunda Mainali,Sarmila Sharma,Raju Poudel, Marichman Shrestha,Unisha Dhungana Sowinika Bastola, Rukmila Adhikari, Dipendra Timilsina,Gokul BC and Pratigya Bhandari. The Musician is Yogesh Kaji, Camera are Rahul Rai and Ghanshyam Pokharel.

Similarly,Editor is Rabin Bhatta, Makeup Artist is Nirmala Acharya ,Writer/ director are Raju Poudel and Marichman Shrestha. Juthe depicts a story about the Dalits enfranchisement movement against these oppressions, the heroes of the movement and future vision for the emancipation. It is also the latest popular serial among the Nepalese communities and become successful to gain the love of Nepalese in very short span.

Part 3 of Raju Master and Marichman Shrestha Balchi Dhrubre’s new TV series ‘Juthe’ has risen to the top spot of Trending. The series ‘Juthe’ aired on Himalaya TV has been in the news for a few days now. The series that got the audience from the first part has got an encouraging support when it comes to the third part.

The series, which is based on social issues, depicts the oppression of the Dalit liberation movement.This social serial is being aired on Himalaya TV from 8 pm on Wednesday. Directed by Raju Poudel and Marichman Shrestha, the series stars Ravi Giri, Vidya Karki, Rambabu Regmi, Mukunda Mainali, Raju Poudel and Marichman Shrestha. The serial, shot by Rahul Rai and Ghanshyam Pokharel, has been edited by Rabin Bhatt.

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