Nepali student held hostage in Kuwait for 4 years

There are many Nepali women arriving in Kuwait for foreign employment. Nepali women have been going to Kuwait for foreign employment to give happiness to their families and earn money. But not all women can make as much money as they should. Some women have a lot of problems. One of them is a woman.

These women are working in a house as domestic workers. The woman, who has been held captive for the past four years, is not allowed to talk even if she has to come home. Her name is Shrijana Praja. She is from Hetauda, ​​Makwanpur district. This woman from Manohari village had gone to Kuwait four years ago. After arriving there and starting work, he was not even paid. When Corona started, she wanted to come home. But she was not allowed to come home.

The controversy escalated when he said he would go home. He started touching the woman. Even though the children were sick, what did you do to bring it? She asserted that her confession had been obtained through torture. When I told her to go home to endure such torture, her passport was taken away. They are not even allowed to use mobile. She secretly called a YouTuber and asked for help in rescuing her.

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