Nepalis who have 7 planes in the United States, who train pilots

All have a wish to fly in the sky to view the beautiful scenario of the world from the sky. But have we even wondered how the planes are made and how they take off up above the sky?

Today we are going to know many more things about the manufacturing and working process of planes. Subash Karki had met the Nepali pilot in the United States. This pilot does not only fly the planes but also has 7 aircrafts of his own. He also trained other pilots to fly the planes and also has an aeroplanes manufacturer company.

The name of this pilot is Anish Pradhan and he is in America at the moment. He was born in Thamel, Kathmandu and came to America when he was 16 years old during his teenage period. He was interested in machineries and engineering during his childhood so with time he was engaged in mechanical engineering. Since 10 years he has been working in his own company and it has been almost 1 and half years where he also provides training to the young people who want to fly aircrafts above the sky.

There are 10 employees in his company. Many people buy private planes for them and it costs a minimum $ 4 lakhs and 50 thousand for one aeroplane.All the assembling process of the plane is done by them. Some planes are old and some planes are new and some are unique. Anil said that after coming to the USA he studied in this aerocraft field, got training in this field and also worked in this field for many years. 

Anish said that while looking at the geography of Nepal, the hills and the mountains. Nepal highly needed the service of airplanes place to place so that many lives of people can be saved during their sufferings. He is sending some planes to Nepal which are made on their own.

He said that he got involved in it by himself. Nobody had forced him to be the pilot but his passion had brought him in this field. He said that we should have passion, dedication, and have to put time, effort and hardwork in the respective field then we surely get success from it. 

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