Nepal’s dolphins in India when the fish ladder is closed.

The two aquatic barracks at Kosi Barracks have been closed for a long time. It has been found that even though the weather changes according to the weather and grows in the corresponding environment, now that work has stopped.

When the fish ladder does not come into operation, the problem for dolphins has increased. Although there are two ways for dolphins to cross, 15-18 dolphins have not been able to cross the road when the road is closed. Ram Chandra Khatiwada, head of the Kosi Wildlife Sanctuary, said that Nepal’s aquatic animals can easily cross the water and use the fish ladder to reach Nepal from India. Even though the aquatic creatures cross the road easily due to the flood in the water going to India from Nepal, it is difficult to come to Nepal from there.

No creature can live its life independently, no one country can work in the border area of ​​Nepal-India, and the two countries have to open the way by agreement as they will make their steps successful for the benefit of the high officials of the two countries. He has told. Currently, dolphins, deer, crocodiles, fish and other aquatic animals have not been able to cross the Koshi Barrage. When the dolphins are not in the fish ladder operation, they are unable to come up and remain in the same position.

Fish ladders at Gate No. 6 and Gate No. 52 of Koshi Barrage, built 40-50 years ago, are closed. If the fish ladder comes into operation, small animals will be able to move around. After the fish ladder has been in operation for two years, it has not been able to operate. Dolphins, which have crossed the Kosi during the winter, are now migrating to the southern region, moving to the lower reaches during the winter, and to the upper reaches for breeding during the summer.

According to the Water Conservation Act, the responsibility for its protection and promotion lies with the District Administration Office and the Chief District Officer. They said that they have informed the district administration to give instructions to the Indian side to operate. Officials say they are saddened by the lack of initiative to save the aquatic life, which has been closed for so long. In order for any creature to live freely, it needs a friendly environment, and it is everyone’s responsibility to simplify it.

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