Netra built a house worth Rs. 7 million overnight.

Netra Bhusal, a well-known tiktok resident, has built a home with his own money. He hosts live shows as Anshubharma and a variety of other hosts. At 1st lockdown, he began live hosting. He hosts to get more fans, and once they are satisfied, they give presents that may be converted into money, he explained.


Netra’s father died a few years ago, and his ambition was to build his own house, but poverty prevented him from doing so. But he made a lot of money in a short period of time. He realized his father’s wish. He was disappointed that his father couldn’t see his achievement, but he knew his father was proud of him on the other hand.

He fulfilled his father’s wish by building a house in the same village where he shared his last breath. “I could build a house in the city if I wanted,” he adds, “but I chose to build here since it was my father’s dream.”

He hasn’t broken the ancient house where he used to reside since it was his father’s final memory, he claims. He stated that he intended to donate the house to someone who needed it.

He earned 1 to 2 lakh on monthly bases. on lockdown he earned highest amount that was 6 lakh, according to him. he started hosting live since musically but there used to be no Nepali viewers, but he started enjoying it. after that, when musically reformed as a tiktok he started hosting live again and that changed his life he explained.

He made a gold necklace for himself. in simple language he gifted himself a present by his earning. Also he provide all house hold things to his mother. he made the house in his own earning. He says, the total cost for his house was almost 7 lakh. His mom was so proud of his son. she said she had never imagined that she could live in this kind of  wonderful house.

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