Never Ending Was story

The war in Israel and Palestine has been in the news for days. At a time when the Corona
epidemic is sweeping the world, the two countries are at war with each other. Last Wednesday,
Israel fired rockets at a 13-storey building in Palestine. These incidents have caused a stir all
over the world. The Arab communities in Israel are forced to face war in the last days of
Ramadan when they are busy meditating.

Currently, missiles are being fired at Israel from the Palestinian cannabis area. There are also
street attacks inside Israel between the Arab community, namely the Islamic and Jewish
communities. People from these two communities are attacking each other. Groups from both
communities have set fire to vehicles, restaurants and synagogues. Experts say the violence in
the city, where both communities live, has led to civil war and the resurgence of Palestinians.
The cannabis Muslim community, which prays on the last day of Ramadan, is in trouble due to
the Israeli attack. Missiles are being fired at Israel from the Palestinian cannabis area. In
retaliation, the Israeli army has launched a military offensive.

After World War II, Jews around the world began to be attacked over how Israel became a
country. Therefore, the United Nations suggested that Palestine be divided into two countries.
One for the Arabs and the other for the Jews. The Arabs did not follow this suggestion. But
Jewish leaders accepted the offer and named it Israel. This is how the country of Israel was built.

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