New Dharahara with three storey underground parking

At the time the Dharahara was built by Bhimsen Thapa, it was not built on the concept of a man-climbing tower. To inform the government, they used to climb the Dharahara just to blow the trumpet and come down immediately after finishing their work. The current structure is designed for people with earthquake resistance.

The tower, which was damaged by various earthquakes, was initially on the 11th floor. The tower will be rebuilt on the same place after the demolition and will continue to collapse in the next earthquake. The total height of the tower is 80 meters. Although the building materials are modern, the old gate of the collapsed tower has been repaired and gold plated and installed in it, while the old Shiva linga has also been installed as usual.

From the outside, the 11-storey and 22-storey tower has cornice carvings on each of the two floors as before, with old-fashioned round windows. Apart from the old structure, two lifts have been provided in the new tower for disability-friendly purposes and the stairs will remain the same. In addition, the double basement tower will have a triple basement parking lot with an average capacity of 300, an earthquake museum and a cafeteria.

Photo/Words: Jagdish Jags Bhandari

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