New Historic Record -Bahadur Deuba hides property report of his ministers

Due to infighting within the Communist Party of Nepal, two-thirds of the government was formed after the collapse of the five-party coalition government.  Even though he disclosed his false assets, now when he disclosed the assets to Sher Bahadur Deuba, he did not disclose the assets of the ministers for fear of breaking the alliance. Earlier, all the ministers in the government had been disclosing their assets.  “Even though the assets of all the ministers have been made public, the details of the assets should not be made public as the current government is of a different type,” he said.

Before this, a two-thirds government was formed, but the party was not there. The government was dissolved.  He confirmed that the decision to release the property was taken by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba.  The spokesman said that although the honorable prime minister and ministers had submitted their property details, their assets would not be made public.He said that the law requires that property be made public, otherwise mantras should be made public when desired, public if desired and, if desired, confidentiality of property should be kept secret.  He further added that the government did not want to disclose the assets of the ministers.  Also, making it public is certainly not a positive thing to be hesitant about.

The decision to hide the property details was taken by the Council of Ministers, a secretary said, according to an online source.  The current government is elected by the people, not by the Supreme Court. The current rule that property should be made public is a sign that the forthcoming elections will cause a lot of problems for the parties.  Experts say that the current government has spent a lot of money, and that the ministers have indicated that they have to spend a lot of money.

The issue of concealment of property details is likely to be of great benefit to the CPN-UML as it may have a big election agenda in the forthcoming elections.  After Deuba became the Prime Minister, the Council of Ministers became active in the midst of controversy. It has not been able to function till now. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba was sworn in as the Prime Minister on July 13, the same day.  After that, Umesh Shrestha was appointed as the Minister of Health. On July 10, Narayan Khadka was appointed as the Minister of State.

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