New nepali movie ‘MEELAN’ promotional interivew with actor and actress.

Kusal Sah Thakuri, Salon Basnet, Sisir Pangel, Swimming Gurung, Silpa Thapa, who have been struggling in the Nepali film industry for a long time and have been liked by the audience in recent times, are playing the main roles. Chocolate actor Kusal has said that his first experience in his debut movie was very good and he got the opportunity to learn a lot. Viewers who have been preferring the chocolate hero in recent times, are now preferring Kusal Sah on social media.

The production team has said that the movie “Milan” directed by Ekpaurkhi Rai is a movie based on Maya Prem. In the movie, which is set after Tihar, the love story is shown in the movie. Silpa said that they made the movie in a different way with the idea of ​​taking the movie in a new way.

The movie halls which were closed during the lockdown are now starting to open, now the black actors are constantly fighting in their areas. With their hard work, there is talk that the film industry will rise. In the preparation of the new movie “Milan”, which is going to be produced, new actors from Salon and others are seen. When a Kalakar is not seen in their area, common citizens want to know about Kalakar. In life, people struggle with different moments and move forward.

A comedy love story movie has become a new plot, as it has been prepared with the acting of new comedians, touching the story of real people. Manab will find everything inside the movie. Kalakarita is an art that shows the art in people, she was seen in her field for a long time. For most people, their work is the most important thing. They are equally involved in their hobbies along with household chores.

It is said that the story of the society will be presented as a mirror, many black actors are not seen in Yash movie as different characters. He says that the movie was made by covering the stories of many people in the society, people are enjoying their work as much. She said that she lived her life happily after going through a lot of pain in her life. Who is pulling their future towards a bright future, not everyone gets the life as people think.

People are playing with many kinds of conflicts in their life, they are also making a movie of their life. Human life is like a movie, when people get the happiness they want, there is no difference in their life, when various changes start coming in a person’s life, then they feel that their future is also going towards darkness, so a person should enjoy his every moment. In the new movie “Milan”, one can see a new face from Nepal’s famous actors.

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