Nikhil Upreti’s brother admitted to the hospital

The brother of actor Nikhil Upreti, who gained fame in the Nepali film industry, has been admitted to the hospital due to a sudden deterioration in his health.  Although Nikhil is an artist, his brother Hari Upreti is a politician.  Hari, who was elected to the House of Representatives from Sarlahi Region No. 3 of UML, has taken up election campaigning after falling ill.

Hari, who is being treated at Veer Hospital, has said that his victory is assured and even though his health is not supporting him, his brother is cooperating with the people in the village.  Hari Upreti said that he came to Kathmandu after being advised by the doctor that he should go to Kathmandu when he got infected with gallstones in his gall bladder and went to the local hospital there.
Hari said that he was kept in the ICU for 5 days, but was later transferred to the ward, and now he is gradually improving.  He has said that since he has been working for the people of Sarlahi for a long time, the people contact him a lot, and he wants to meet him and exchange his thoughts.  He said that even though Nikhil won the hearts of the people by joining the Nepali film industry, he also won the hearts of the people by going to their homes and working with them.
It is said that he has been involved in the field of acting continuously since his childhood, besides producing many artists in his life, he has also given a social message through his acting field.  Nikhil Upreti, who is in the hearts of millions of viewers, has acted in many movies.
Upreti, who started his acting journey in Bal Kalakar, says that in recent times, one after another movies that have come out in the market have created a distinct identity in the market.  Upreti has struggled a lot to elevate Nepali cinema, he says that the audience’s love has never diminished as he has reaped the fruits of his efforts in the Nepali cinema sector.  Recently, Nikhil, who started winning the hearts of the audience with motivational talks, is advancing his work on a daily basis.

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