Nirmal Purja: There is no defeat in his blood. He is constantly working hard and dreaming big.

Born and raised in an ordinary family without even a television at home, Nirmal Purja is a brave warrior. He has not only worked for himself and his community but also for the benefit of the whole nation.  Nepalis have created one world after another. Despite the limited resources, Nepalis have made a history that no one is inferior to anyone.  It is also a means of identification. Some of the people who are struggling in life have decided to go ahead for their personal interests.

Nirmal, a 38-year-old brave Nepali youth born in Maadi district, has done amazing work in the world.  Everyone’s heart is in the heart.  He started his ascent from Annapurna Himal on April 26, 2076. His expedition was completed from Sisapanga Himal in China in the month of Kartik.

He has set a world record by successfully climbing even the most difficult mountain in the coldest months.
The film, which was released on November 29 in Nepal and the United States by Netflix, was shot in Nepal and in the United Kingdom as well as in the United States.  He had taken this step to show the courage and intellect of Nepali Nepalis. The film has said that it will carry a good message not only in the country but also abroad.

Born into a simple family, Nirmal was the highest earning person in the house. He prepared this project with a lot of courage. He prepared a team of ten people and hoisted the Nepali flag in the mountains.  The movie is very well made and all the people who watched it are very happy. Not only in Nepal but also in the United States, people who watch the movie have given Rameo a message.  The film, which will be released in many countries, will introduce the courageous intellect of Nepalis all over the world.

He is a successful person who thinks that the problem can be solved. It costs Rs. 10-15 lakhs to buy equipment for climbing a mountain.  He said that there is a movie with a story to be seen. He has shown how he has successfully climbed 14 mountains above 8000 heights.  The video of Nirmal successfully climbing the mountain and flying the Nepali national anthem while waving the flag went viral on social media.  He says that he was saddened by the news of his mother’s passing two hours ago

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