Nisan leaf EV full Review Nepali electric car

With the development of growth, many types of vehicles are available in the market in Nepal. Until today, most of the vehicles running on diesel petrol were in Nepal. Diesel petrol vehicles are expensive and polluting.  The new generation has made so many changes in technology that it is hard to imagine. The present age is all about exploration and research.  Due to which new types of devices are being developed day by day.


Leaf Japanese company Nishan has brought a very popular car to the market recently. Its life is very good. It is like any other normal car to drive.  The electric vehicle is also considered to be suitable in terms of pollution control. Most of the vehicles in Nepal run on diesel petrol, which is more expensive and spreads more pollution.  The day outside has a lot of impact on the atmosphere.

The Leaf car takes 10 hours to charge with a normal home charger, while the DC charger takes up to 1 hour to charge. Most other items have a charging space at the back.  It has a seat ladder. It is very good looking. The soundless vehicle is also suitable for reducing noise pollution. It is the second most electric vehicle. It does not emit any smoke.

It is 16 feet long and 6 feet wide. It also has seat folding. There is enough space in the back of the car to keep the luggage in the diggy. As there is a lot of space to keep the luggage by folding the seat.  It has a connection. Once charged, the Yash car can run 341 kilometers continuously. The Yash car has a speed of 155 kilometers per hour.

Many people may think that this vehicle is powered by electricity, so no license is required, but that is not the case. Any vehicle license is required. In terms of finances, this vehicle is cheap and inexpensive.  It costs only Rs. 50. There is room to keep spare tires in this car. The price of Yash car in Nepali market is Rs. 6 million. This car can also be financed.  It can be taken out only if it is given. From the point of view of health, it does not give a clean wash and from the point of view of money, this car is cheap and carries a suitable future in the Nepali market.

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