Nisha Ghimire admitted to ventilator after unknown person visit

Artist and model Nisha Ghimire, who was in a critical condition after the accident, Now she has been rescued. She is going to get treatment. Norvik Hospital has taken charge of his treatment and rescued him from home. Managing Director of Norvik Hospital Megha Chaudhary rescued her by taking an ambulance.

Recently developed story with Nisha ghimire at Norvic Hospital has changed, nisha was admitted into ventilator for serious treatment the day before yesterday. A unknown person claiming himself as Nisha’s brother came to hospital and gave her juice to drink, after she had juice, Nisha started to vomit blood and got into critical situation and was taken to ventilator for further treatment.

The hospital management has started the investigation by checking the cctv footage. The unknown person is said to riding a VR motorbike with full face helmet on and was
She said that she was rescued after seeing Megha condition on social media and in the news. Nisha Ghimire, who was a model three years ago, now looks unbelievably ‘painful’. She is unrecognizable when you look at her picture. It is difficult to recognize even her relatives. Her weight has dropped to 20 kg and her muscles are in a very painful condition. She cannot speak but listens to others.


After three months of treatment at the Trauma Center in Kathmandu and then regular therapy at various therapy centers in the Valley on the advice of doctors. She was kept at home after the infection increased due to lack of funds for therapy.

After Durganath Dahal, the director of Navjivan Philanthropy Society, wrote on social media about his miserable physical condition, the managing director of Norvik, took care of her and arranged for her treatment and rescue.
During the initial investigation, she has been found to have drug problem.

She even sheds tears when she hears about others. Although she was treated at a hospital in India for some time after the accident, she was brought home as she could not afford it. She was at home in a state of semi-consciousness due to lack of financial treatment.


But doctors say there are no major problems with other vital organs. Nisha parents are very happy after the doctors said that her daughter will recover. According to the doctor, he may recover and be able to do his own work.

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