Nita and Harihar will celebrate Hanamuni by sitting on the roof of the house, how much will be spent on the wedding?

In the program “Dhamala Ko Hamala” which is broadcasted on Prime Times HD television, they discuss with famous personalities from different fields, their lives, struggles, works, and how much service has been provided to the concerned parties. Today’s Sringkhala Nepali movie music video and Jyotishi have a special discussion on marriage love life contemporary issues with Rameko Jodi.

Nita said that a boy loves his wife as much as he loves his mother. Harihar said that his love for his family attracted him. He said that although his friend and brother Afnat’s extravagance made the marriage beautiful, he said that the expenses he had incurred were appalling. He said that even though he planned to go to many places after marriage, he did not go and he said that he will go to Kailash with his family after getting time. He said that to celebrate Hanamuni, it is celebrated by seeing the full moon and sitting on the roof of the house.

Dhamala has been doing the work of continuously asking people’s questions with people from different fields, debating and finding answers to the questions. Political, economic, physical, social, with people from all walks of life, the program that talks about various issues, people want to know, has won the hearts of many viewers. Rishi Raj Hamala is the director of the program “Dhamla Ko Hamala” broadcast on Prime Television. video by : prime times television hd, station director / manager : Aman partap Adhikari, Chief marketing officer : Dipendra singh, Chief engineer : ER.shital raj Adhikari, sr.producer : parjawal Raj sakya.

Rishi Dhamala, who has been in the field of communication for a long time and has been raising the problems of the people, has been debating with people from every sector in the “Attack of Dhamla” program. Dhamala, who works continuously from 5 am to 12 pm, has been talking to people from all walks of life in Nepali society. Rishi, who attacks people through various questions, brings out the activities of many people in the Yash program. Dhamala, who has worked in newspapers since the age of 13, now runs live programs on radio and television.

The questions of Dhamala, who is also the president of Reports Club, have won the hearts of many people. Dhamala, who has spent a long time in the field of communication in his life, has spent a long time in the field of communication even today. Along with Josh Jagar, Dhamala, who is in the field of communication, says that he is paying special attention to food now. The reality of the happenings in the society has been brought out and everyone has to play a role in building a positive society. It is found that he insists on bringing justice to the common citizens even by bringing them to the media.

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