Nita Dhungana’s life after marriage

On the occasion of Haritalika Tij, the great festival of Hindus, artists show the pain and love of women and put their talents in the market. Nita Dhungana has shot her first music video for Teej Geet after marriage. She said that women used to wear vermilion necklaces and bangles for their husbands, which made the love between the two people grow. Nita said that she has to learn how to do anything in life.

A daughter has said that it is in her hands to decide what kind of love she will get from her parents and mother-in-law. Nita said that even though they had married according to their wishes, outsiders reacted differently. She said that even after marriage, she is enjoying herself and moving her life forward. Since it is the first Teej after marriage, this Teej is special to her, she said that she got a special kind of courage and inspiration.

Astrologer Harihar, who got married to famous actress Nita Dhungana, gave Nita a necklace of 25 lakhs on the day of the reception party. Two people who were tied to the wedding got married at Hotel Yeti with a grand party. He said that since Nita’s brother used to call Vinazu dai, now he is using the same word, but he is slowly improving it. He said that the people of Nita and Harihar’s family who live outside the country came to the wedding and it was very fun.

The marriage party of Nita and Harihar was held in the hotel according to the Nepali Hindu tradition, and the second day was also held in the hotel. Songs, music videos, people from the communication field, people from the film industry were present to congratulate Nita and Harihar in the party. Mayor Balen Shah, who is much talked about, also arrived. When going to the hotel where Balen Sah was married, he lost his way two or three times to reach his destination. Among all the celebrities, Harihar and Nita had fun.

Nita Dhungana, who is enjoying the Nepali Kalakarita area, and astrologer hero Harihar Neupane are going to get married forever, Nita Dhungana, who has been in a relationship with Harihar Adhikari for a long time, is preparing for marriage. It has been said that Nita feels a special kind of joy when she leaves the house where she grew up and goes to a new house, while Harihar feels joy in her heart, but she feels that a lot of responsibility is added to her face when a new member is about to be added.

First we were friends, gradually we became lovers, then we got married, now Hanamuni and baby are planned. If Nita and Harihar were married in a hotel, she would have laughed and cried. Harihar Adhikari was overjoyed while taking Nita in a buggy. The people who came to the wedding had a lot of fun and entertainment. Nita, who entered the Kalakarita field with her talent, was in the hearts of the audience and was rumored to be in love for a long time. After giving permission for marriage from both the houses, they are going to get married soon. Nita Dhungana gave a bachelor party and said that she will get married on the 24th of June at Hotel Yak and Yeti.

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