No FAP and mind power. Dr. Yogi Vikashanand Manokranti

In order for a person to set anything in his mind in the long run, he must first keep his mind in balance. According to Dr. Yogi Bikasananda, in order to do any work, first of all, he has to prepare the rent he is using in the right place, by doing the work that he can do completely.

According to Dr. Bikasananda Yogi, the more a person engages in sexual activity, the less his arousal decreases, and the more lazy he becomes, the less active he becomes towards work. Medical science says that sex should not be stopped, it should be done from time to time, if a person does not have sex, various diseases can occur, and if a person has enough nutritious food, it will not make much difference even if he has sex, but in real life sex has a great effect. According to Dr. Yogi.

Dr. Yogi has said that nothing in the world is right and wrong and there is a reference to making those things right and wrong. A person who is constantly on the go with the idea of ​​becoming a good man, has reduced sex, he is always running after his goal, but a person who has a common goal in his life, if he does not have sex, he will have mental problems. Dr. Yogi explains. The most frequently viewed web site to date is Porno Graffi, which is often viewed differently by people.

Dr. Yogi says that most of the successful people in the world, who have conquered the world by doing excellent work in their lives, are mostly unmarried. “Most of the people who do great work have to spend a lot of energy,” he said.

Bikasananda says that fuel is needed to run a car, the same oil does not need all the fuel but different fuels. Humans are now said to be using the greatest power on Earth to make a variety of instruments, which enable humans to travel to space. Man has said that he should not set his goal until he has fully prepared himself and set his goal.

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