No matter how much you listen to Oli, you will not be satisfied. .

Actress Karisma Manandhar and former minister Prem Bahadur Singh have also joined UML in a program organized in Kathmandu on Tuesday. Commenting on the program, Karisma said that KP Oli has entered the party with three programs. The former chairperson of the program is KP Oli. She said that KP Oli is a leader of the people and he never gets tired of listening to her. According to Karisma, the UML has entered the party as the second reason is that it has not raised the issue of the people.

Areas of artistry are independent, although artists are interpreted as the common pride of the nation, in recent times artists have also become partisan. Artists who contribute to the nation nowadays are found to be moving forward by joining any party. Lately, it has become difficult to find any so-called independent region in Nepal. Famous Nepali actress Karisma Manandhar has entered the CPN-UML in the middle of a program.

Artists known as the pride of the nation are now found carrying the flags of various political parties. As politics has entered all spheres, politics has begun to have an impact in one place after another. She said that she would take the political journey forward from the CPN (UML).

Karisma Manandhar was welcomed by CPN-UML Chairman and former Prime Minister KP Sarma Oli at the event, which was attended by senior party leaders and cadres. As the local level elections are approaching, various parties seem to be getting closer to the people, and the party seems to be engaged in expansion programs.

According to Karisma, the UML has entered into various programs with the people of the villages and towns. He said that he joined the CPN-UML as he felt that the UML party was carrying the issue of Nepali people and nation and nationality.

“Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. The people are asking for help,” said Manandhar. “I joined the party without any interest and if the party gives me any responsibility based on its working capacity, I will fulfill my responsibility honestly,” she said. With the local elections approaching, the parties are now getting closer to the people.

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