Ojha sensational revelation of four marriages

The program was suspended after a complaint was lodged by actress Shilpa Pokhrel. Shilpa had lodged a complaint against the program and Prakash Subedi on Epiwan Television. According to television sources, the board meeting of Epiwan TV held on April 20 had instructed Subedi not to make any additional material about Shilpa. However, in defiance of that, Subedi aired an additional interview with Shilpa’s ex-husband Chhabi Ojha and aired more negative programs about Shilpa.

The show “Janta Janna Chahancha” hosted by Dhamala presents all the political, social, religious, cultural, architectural and economic condition of our country Nepal. The show is hosted and presented by our active, energetic and bold character Rishi Dhamala. In his show, he brings news reporters and influential figures from Nepal into an interactive platform.

In his talk show, he welcomed the different guest of the country and present the question that the citizen of the country wants to know. In some episode, he is talking about the political problems of the country, corruption done by the many political and governmental figures, things that are not provided by the leaders which they had been promised for the Nepalese citizens. He also talks about the transportation, health and educational problem that the Nepalese people are facing in day to day life. Unlike the other journalist, he rarely afraid of throwing questions to any of the guest who are welcomed in his show. His such fearless and courageous character gain the popularity of the show.

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