Oli could face imprisonment and fines

Communist Party of Nepal (CPN-UML) Party Chairman and former Prime Minister KP Sarma Oli has lodged a complaint at the District Administration Office, Bhaktapur, demanding action against him for violating the rules made by the Government of Nepal or himself. Laws for the little ones, and exemptions for the big ones, are already in operation. The tendency of the common man to be a party to the action even in the smallest mistake, without following the law, is left open even in front of the administration.

Abijit Adhikari of Suryabinayak Municipality Bhaktapur and Birendra Madai have lodged a complaint in Bhaktapur on Sunday demanding action under the Infectious Diseases Act 2020. Bhaktapur Chief District Officer Rudra Debi Sarma has confirmed that a complaint has been lodged against Oli. The registration number of the complaint is 1122, she said. KP Oli went to public places even after Korana became positive today, disobeying the rules and regulations made when he was the Prime Minister.

According to the complaint, former Prime Minister KP Sarma Oli, despite being infected with Korna, participated in a program organized by the CPN-UML’s Bhadri Sangathan Yuva Sangha on January 26 to spread the Korna infection. Although people with complications have to be hospitalized, and people with normal symptoms have to stay in home isolation, Oli is found to be violating both of these rules.

According to KP Oli , the presence of the cornea virus in the society, as well as creating the illusion that cornea is common among the common people, if necessary action is not taken, even other cornea infected people will continue to spread cornea in the society. They have demanded legal action against anyone who works against the rules, as it is seen to spread the disease in the society.

Bhaktapur District administration has filed a case against KP Sarma Oli for taking necessary action against him for spreading contagious diseases. According to the Infectious Diseases Act 2020, action will be taken against those who are against public interest, health, safety, convenience and morality. Article 104 of the Act provides for imprisonment for up to ten years and a fine of up to Rs. Abijit and Birendra have registered a case against the country’s top leaders for violating the rules, saying that even ordinary citizens, even if they are infected with the virus, develop a tendency to commit such immoral acts.

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