Oli is becoming tough against Deuba, how can the government protect him?

The immediate challenge for the current prime minister and Nepali Congress president, Sher Bahadur Deuba, is to get a majority in parliament. Deuba, who became the prime minister due to the revolt within the party and support for the alliance by the disgruntled UML’s Madhav Nepal faction, has not decided whether the Madhav Nepal faction will give a vote of confidence. While preparing to vote for Deuba, a meeting of the UML Standing Committee on Friday directed not to give a vote of confidence to any member of the House of Representatives.

The Congress leaders are confident that the Madhav faction will give a vote of confidence even if it is to maintain the full dimension of the parliament. As the Madhav faction has been formally and informally agreeing to this alliance, they are confident of giving a vote of confidence by wishing the full life of the parliament. Deuba needs to bring in a majority to maintain the full life of the parliament. The remaining 5 months are now 16 months. In this context, the Congress leaders say that it is necessary to sustain the government to make this time a complete success.

Without the UML’s Madhav faction, a majority would not be enough if the entire party did not vote for Deuba. In the current parliament, 61 members of the Nepali Congress, 49 members of the UCPN (Maoist) and 12 members of the Upendra Yadav faction of the JSP cannot get a majority for Deuba. But since the UML senior leader Nepal has been faithfully implementing his word, the Maoists also seem confident of getting a vote of confidence. According to the Maoist leaders, there is no doubt that Madhav Nepal will continue to work with sincerity as promised by the leaders of the coalition. That’s why the coalition is confident of a vote of confidence, he said.

While the Congress and the UCPN (M) are confident of a vote of confidence, the UML’s Oli faction is making a strategy to make Deuba a minority anyway. While everyone’s attention is on Madhav’s side, UML is believing that they will not be united if they vote for Deuba. The party will announce its decision. The decision will be in the hands of the leaders who will accept it or not. However, UML leaders say that based on the results of the decision, the UML will decide whether to unite or not.

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