Oli is finally ashamed, could not show his face in Parliament : Prachanda

UCPN (Maoist) Central Committee Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has reached the Parliament House to give a vote of confidence to Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba. According to him, the Nepali people and Nepali politics are now forced to go through a bizarre experience. The constitution was drafted by the Constituent Assembly. There was also a united movement against autocracy. The election is also fought together. They have also competed with each other. He also envisioned a kind of dream. But now, less than five years ago, the dissolution of the parliament twice and the re-establishment of the parliament by the court has become a bizarre experience, said Chairman Prachanda.

He said this was probably the first time in Nepal’s political history that a two-thirds majority prime minister had repeatedly dissolved parliament and plunged the country into an accident. He says he is ashamed to speak this irony. Thinking that something would happen from the alliance, he even took a proposal for an alliance. He said that he was ashamed to speak in the reconstituted House for the second time.

He said that if he had known that such a plight would be seen so soon, he would not have approached Oli with a proposal for an alliance. He says that it was a mistake to go with Oli with the proposal of party unity. Therefore, the situation in the middle of it still does not seem natural, he said. There were some unusual incidents inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan during the swearing-in ceremony and appointment process of the Prime Minister. The language used in the process of appointing the Prime Minister was against the spirit and letter of the Constitution. That is why the swearing in was stopped. That in itself was not something that would happen again and again.

More than that, every time the Maoists enter the peace process, the incoming prime minister and the outgoing prime minister sit side by side. Whether it belongs to the Nepali Congress or the Communists or any other party. Also, the chair was changed after taking oath. But this was not the case when the current Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba was sworn in. Outgoing Prime Minister KP Oli did not consider it necessary to attend the swearing-in ceremony. It may seem like a small thing, but there is a democratic culture within it. Who has the courage to accept different opinions? Prachanda says that there is a serious question of morality, funeral and democracy related to who has the courage to face different situations. Outgoing Prime Minister Oli should have been present in the reconstituted House, albeit as the Leader of the Opposition. Oli himself did not appear in the House to speak about the incidents.

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