Oli-Madhav claims that second tier leaders will interfere in the party and Oli-Madhav will be annihilated

Oli, who had reached a 10-point agreement with Madhav’s party as a last resort to prevent the government from collapsing, did what he did not want. Oli was confident that the signatures given to Sher Bahadur Deuba by the Prime Minister and the court would be returned if the Madhav Nepal faction, known as a rebel group within the party, reached an agreement. Oli, who agreed that his government would continue if the signatures were withdrawn, has become aggressive.

Oli, who addressed the nation for the last time before leaving the government on Tuesday, was angry with the leader. After reaching Balkot from Baluwatar on Wednesday, Oli put Madhav Nepal at the center. He pointed to Nepal as the main villain to take him from Baluwatar to Balkot. He said that there was no place for Nepal in the UML party as the government collapsed due to the leader Nepal. He said that Madhav Nepal was a traitor and could not be forgiven. Oli presented Nepal as a development-loving government, a traitor to overthrow the government elected by the people.

According to Oli’s statement after reaching Balkot, the distance between Oli and Nepal has widened. Some time ago, the two leaders had a falling out. After these two leaders decided to topple their own government, the UML-led government has finally collapsed. From these things, it is certain that the agreement reached for the preparation of UML for unity will collapse. Because the Nepali side says that it was Oli’s fault in overthrowing the government but it showed Madhav’s loyalty.

With the election yet to be formally announced, the UML leaders were moving in the direction of uniting again. Because Oli Nepal did not want the unity that the second tier leader wanted. Some leaders say that the UML would have already split if the second tier leaders had not taken the initiative. Although the two leaders did not want unity, some leaders said that they would seek an alternative to Oli Nepal by forcibly interfering with the second tier leaders. Even within the UML, different streams are being formed.

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