Oli, Prachanda and Deuba scared due to Rabi Lamichhane

The program “Samaya Chakra” broadcasted by Yoho television HD has done the job of criticizing the illegal, incongruous, immoral and illegal activities in the society. Leaders and activists who used to stay in division have now been sworn in by the people. The parties that emerged as alternative have instructed those big parties and leaders to change their ways in the future.

In other times, the leaders who used to name the coalition during the election without the principles of policy and rules have now taught the people in the areas of Kathmandu and Chitwan to take an oath. Rabi Lamichhane, the president of Rashtriya Swatantra Party, which was established only 5-6 months ago in Chitwan, has won with an overwhelming majority, while in Lalitpur, Kathmandu, the majority of his party has also been seen. The people have taught the oath to the leader who has been ruling as a symbol of the people.

What and how to form the next government is in Rabi’s hands. People who have become ministers and parliamentarians have been taught the oath by the youth group. From the five-party alliance, in a few places, capable youths have sworn in the alliance of RPP, UML and Madesh Dal. In the current times, people are suffering from one human being to another human being, people are changing according to the times, doing various wrong and right things, which the time cycle has taken special measures to stop.


The cycle of time has done the work of correcting the wrong actions done by people and taking the initiative to move them on a positive path. This program has played an important role in informing about the abnormal anomalies in the society and reducing them. If we look at socio-economic politics in Nepal, there are very few days when common citizens can confidently say that they are free.

The common people are always being affected by something or the other from the big group, it seems that in order to live a human being struggles with another human being to advance his life, in Nepal the common people have to struggle a lot to get justice. It is found that the time cycle is used to solve the real problems in the society. With the passage of time, there is a different kind of change in technology and human life, so that a kind of separate wave is spread in the society.

In the society we live in today, various events are happening, which are giving a negative message to the society. In the present time, people are being cheated every day, they have even lost their lives, even if they remember, they have become the victims of incidents that make their hearts hurt, which is sending a negative message to the society.

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