Oli revealing from left unity to general election

The program broadcast weekly on Galaxy 4k television in Lalmohar, with the presenter Ramesh Prasain, from the left alliance to the general election, Nepali political, economic and physical fields, especially the former prime minister and CPN-UML chairman KP Sarma Oli, talked about the current situation of Nepal and what happened in the past.

Actions and what effect these actions have on the present and the future have been especially debated.  Oli said that in order to keep the health of the country healthy, the UML should be kept healthy and it will take the country in a positive direction and elect strong leadership.  Oli said that after November 4, UML will form the government and take the country on the right path.
KP Sarma Oli, who became the prime minister after getting a lot of attention, allied with CPN-Maoist and got a majority of almost two-thirds, after the party broke up because he could not manage the organization, he left the government in the minority.  Oli, who has been playing an important role in social change since his childhood, also spent a long time in prison, once became the prime minister for a short time, Oli, who was gaining popularity among the people, after that became the prime minister, he was not able to act as the people wanted.
Even if Oli, who is now playing the role of the opposition from outside the government, does not work as he said, the commitment of the UML party is not that much.  Although there are ups and downs in people’s lives, people solve them and make their steps successful.  She has said that she is taking steps and taking her steps forward.  He said that CPN-UML is always working for the people and the country with the slogan of Happy Nepali Prosperity Nepal for governance, prosperity, and development.

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