Oli’s order to support Balen Shah: Elections have come.

With the local elections approaching on April 12, the parties are releasing their manifestos and bringing out what each other has done.  KP Sharma Oli, chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-UML (CPN-UML), has also criticized the Nepali Congress and other unified socialist Maoist leaders.

Apart from the coalition, there are other independent candidates in the local elections. The candidates from the coalition are here to destroy the country, and there are other independent candidates to make the country,” Oli said.  Although Kesab has been installed as the mayor of Kathmandu sub-metropolitan city, he has said that he has a problem because of the problem of Me too during the election.  “Those who have eaten the country, eaten the widebody, got vaccinated, they are the ones who have been saying goodbye,” he said.

“Even if people in our party get to comment on what others have done, the way they look at it, there will be no discrimination in the services they receive,” Oli said.  Oli said that development is not just a matter of words but development itself.  He said that with the name chosen by the Congress, the name and the face are the same, there is no difference between the good and the bad.  He said that he had been in the UML for some time and now he is on his way.

Oli said that he is ashamed to say that the government has been working for the country for 9-10 months now.  “Even though we have fulfilled our comments, we will roar when we are in government, now we are hiding like foxes,” he said.  He said that it is not enough for a person to speak only, any person has to show it even by working.

“My land, my citizens, people who can’t say they are stranded, what are they going to do with the local elections,” Oli said.  He has said that whenever there is an election, there is talk of Mi Tu.  “People from all parties have come out in the election. Apart from these, other parties have also come out in the election,” he said.  Oli has said that if Oli comes to open Tixon, he will arrange it.  He said that UML was in the forefront regarding women’s rights and respect.  The coalition had to be given such a break on the 30th of Baisakh, Oli said.  He said that the Congress had insulted the UML in its manifesto.

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