Oli’s unforgivable crime, an opportunity to raise the head of a declining power by ending the nationalist agenda

Constitutionalist Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya says that the practice of taking all kinds of political issues to the court and showing that the court has made all the decisions is not good. But it is a matter of importance as to who created that pattern of things. So far, the issues that have reached the court have been taken up by the political parties. While the Supreme Court was reviving the dissolution of the parliament on April 19, the Supreme Court had clearly said that every possible way to form a government should be used. Dr. Acharya says that he has decided to come to the court only if that is not possible. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Oli’s government.

According to Dr. Acharya, Oli was used for a mission. He has acted in stark contrast to the image of Oli among the Nepali people. He was known to the people as a nationalist leader. He did not easily reject the interference of foreign nations. But that thing is all over after Oli’s meeting with an RAW agent in India. If you look at the events after that, it looks like a scary thing. In line with the same mission, Oli dissolved the parliament on Push 5. The parliament was reconstituted on March 25. He dissolved it again on May 22. Because he was being driven by the same mission.

Looking at these developments, looking at Oli’s exit after the court decision, it is very natural, says constitutionalist Dr. Acharya. He has said that Oli’s rule will end at some point but he will not be elected by Oli in any case. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Oli’s government. After Oli entered the mission, he had a kind of mania and arrogance. In the same frenzy, Oli had divided the citizens into cyber army and non-cyber army. He made unnatural appointments in the most important bodies of the state. He took the instability of the state and patriotism so lightly. He showed unnatural behavior to people close to his faction. Looking at all these things, he claims that it is his mania, pride and arrogance of power that has shaken Oli’s power today.

The time has come for Oli to step down after fulfilling his mission and power. But Oli’s activities are causing a lot of damage, setting many wrong precedents. When any other leader comes in place of Oli, stability in Nepal’s politics will come, not everything will be on track.

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