OMG Madan Krishna Shrestha hospitalized!

The second wave of covid-19 has hit Nepal hard. It has been around more than 1 years since the first wave of Corona had come to Nepal. It had taken the lives of many Nepalese people. Not only Nepalese people a lot of people around the world had been hit by corona virus in an enormous number. Many had lost their beloved ones, their family members and relatives.

This dangerous virus had destroyed the lives of many peoples at that period. But with the right precautions, care of health, drinking sufficient amount of liquids, intake of good and right quantity of foods, vegetables and dairy products, vaccination had decreased the death rate eventually with time. After many months of struggles, peoples are trying to be little happier, and try to follow up their normal days routines which had been disturbed by Corona since long period of time. Many sectors like-education, industries, business, small and big markets, factories, etc. 

which had been closed during the lockdown period was opened slowly and lives was again coming to the normal flow. But these happiness does not last long within us because within the few days of normal life again second wave of Corona hit Nepal, not only Nepal but also the whole world. At this time the symptoms that are seen to the human beings are totally different than the symptoms that had been seen during the first wave of lockdown. And the symptoms are also seen within the 1 days of attract with the virus. The symptoms of COVID 2.0 includes- stomach pain, diarrhea, eye irritation, dryness in eyes and fatigue.

These are the major symptoms of COVID 2.0. This virus has been affecting many Nepalese people. Many are diagnosed with corona positive day by day and number is increasing enormously. By looking the condition, health minister give the notice to close the education sectors and start the online classes again as before. So many school and colleges has been closed now. Many cities have been lockdown again and many cities are under the danger zone. Today, all the 4 members of a family had been diagnosed with Corona and so for their treatment they had been taken in helicopter and landed to Kathmandu for the fast recovery.

The rate of corona patients has increased rapidly within this 24 hour. Today nearly about 3600 people have been diagnosed with corona and 12 people life has been taken by it. The capital city, Kathmandu has been again under the lockdown and use the mask inside the city is must. Our renowned artist Madan Krishna Shrestha had also been diagnosed with COVID-19 and been admitted to the hospital. If the case goes in the same flow then, it will not take more time to do lockdown inside the whole Nepal.

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