On Hridayandra Shah birthday – Rabindra Mishra propose next king of Nepal

On the occasion of the birthday of former Prince Paras’ son Hridendra on the 14th of July, many people including the former journalist and current politician Rabindra Mishra gave him birthday wishes. While most of the people said that there should be a monarchy, some expressed their desire to see Hridendra, Purnika and Griveni as kings.

On his 21st birthday, Rabindra Mishra wrote on his social network that he wished him a long and healthy life, development of patriotism and good character, and wished him a future throne. He shared the picture of Hridrendra and wrote, “The world political landscape changed by 20 years of journalism, 5 years of politics and other knowledge experience, because this country is slowly falling into economic crisis due to self-reliance, corrupt and weak institutions, the tendency to support only during crisis.” Leave and keep the long-term thinking, keep the king even if the parliament is obstructed and I want to see him here as the king.

A person named Tulu has written in the social network, even though he knows that the monarchy will not return, if it ever returns, Girwan Shah Rana (Shruti’s daughter, the granddaughter of King Birendra) should be the first entitled to Sripech in the country. He wrote that there is no such thing as a man should be in politics, he should be the eldest member of the third generation of the king’s family. Purnika said that her grandfather and father did a lot for the country, while her father Paras said that he was not bad because he brought out all his good and bad habits.

Purb Yuvragyi Himani Sah admitted her son to Chira in Bossarton, inaugurated the branch office of Himani Trust, completed the donation collection program and returned from her visit to America. She came to America to enroll her son Hridayendra Sah and set up the account office of her organization. After finishing her work in America, now the news has come out that she has returned to Thailand where she has her daughters.

Hridayendra, who started his studies at Boston University in America, started his studies on January 26. Leaving Himani’s son in Bostern, she went to Virginia, Washington, DC and returned to Thailand to inaugurate the organization’s bank office, where she also worked as a foundation. It is said that he came from New York after reaching his son to meet him. Her two daughters Purnima and Kritika are studying in Thailand.

Purbayoub Ragyi Himani’s children have started studying abroad, Himani returned to Bangkok, Thailand on January 29, it has been said that after spending some time with her daughters, she will return to Nepal. About 10 days before that, she held a program and inaugurated the organization’s branch office in Virginia, USA. She did not thank everyone who assisted in the operation of the program. Local people also participated in the program along with various organizations of America.

After the program of DC, she participated in the program in New York. Himani is said to have met with Nepalese and some American diplomats and collected some money. According to online news and some people, the expenses raised by him are only equal to what he and the people with him spend. So Online has said that even though Himani has paid the hotel expenses himself, if he has to pay the amount from the raised amount, there will be no money left.

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