On Kag Tihar, a crow conference will be held with the sound of Kag coming out of the mouth

Hindus celebrate various festivals, one of which is Tihar.  Crows are also worshiped on one day of Tihar, on the same day a crow conference program has been held.  The 19th ‘Crow Conference’ has been held at Shantibatika in Ratnapark, Kathmandu.  On the occasion of Crow Tihar, the 19th Crow Conference was held this morning at Shantibatika in Ratnapark.

Artist Ramesh Dulal, who claims to produce more than 118 sounds, gathered everyone together by making the sound of a crow. At the conference, artist Ramesh Dulal gathered the crows together by making the sound of a crow.  When Dulal called out the crow’s voice, the crows came to the place where his voice was heard.
Dulal has been organizing Crow Conferences on the occasion of Crow Tihar for the past 18 years.  On the day of Crow Tihar, there is a tradition of worshiping the crow as the messenger of Yamraj and giving food.  It is believed that giving sweet food to crows during the festival of crows will bring good news.
Talking to the media after the kag conference, Dulal said that the message of this year’s kag conference is to bid farewell to the 60-year-old leaders and give opportunities to the youth.  He said that the next year will mark the 20th anniversary of the Crow Conference and on that occasion, a big event will be held in Tundikhel or Narayan Tahiti.  He also said that he is thinking of holding a crow conference and blocking the Singha Darbar and Parliament House after some time.
Dulal, who introduced himself as Kage Babu, said that although the crow meeting is held when the society and the citizens of the nation are facing various hardships, this time the crow meeting was held to give a message to the leaders who have reached old age to stay at home and rest.  He said that it is the opinion that the youth should take the leadership of the country, build a prosperous Nepal and protect the country and the nation. Artist Dulal sang the crow and peacock voices on the occasion of the crow conference.

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