On the day of Valentine’s Day, Sagar, Kaku’s eyes filled with tears, Luri and Subodh made everyone laugh.

Famous Nepali comedy star Sakkigonika, Sagar Lamsal, Deepak Archay, Bhavana Archay and Subodh Gautam have appeared in the media together. Apart from entertaining the Nepali audience, the artists who are showing their talents in the Nepali comedy genre have done the same thing to entertain them. The small Hindi dialogue in the new project is called Lurie, she said that it is a good project even if it is short.

Sagar Lamsal says that he works as a character according to the story, as the incident demands. Lori, who plays Jayante’s wife and is also good at caricatures, entertains the audience and makes them laugh. The incident played a role as demanded, not only entertaining the audience on screen, but also conveying a positive message.

Deepak Archay has said that sometimes when shooting a video, he gets bored and gets bored. He said that he has shown his full potential by giving his hand in the field of artistry. He said that the new project launched by Deepak Archay, even though the idea was to put it in the hall, was packed because it was Valentine’s Day.

“Because a lot of people are obese and have raised negative issues, no matter what kind of person they are, they should be able to work out their pockets,” she said. “It’s bad for people to try to discredit food by working,” she said. “If a person eats with his hard work, he should be supported,” she said.

Some time ago, they were very divided on the issue of love. “Sometimes bad things motivate people to walk in a positive way, so we can take advantage of this,” said Deepak Acharya. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Bale said that he was very happy to bring the song to the market, which has a constant emotional style. Luri said that for the first time in her life, she was emotional when she came in front of many cameras and was given an interview.

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