On the first day Saune Sankranti

Saune Sankranti festival is celebrated on 1st of July every year according to the solar month.

There is an ancient tradition of celebrating the first day when the Sun completes the enjoyment of the sign of Gemini and enters the sign of Cancer. Dakshinayana starts from today as the sun moves south since July. The day of Uttarayan which starts on 1st January and Dakshinayan day which starts on 1st July is specially celebrated.

As most of the Nepalis are engaged in farming, they are busy with agricultural work throughout the month of June. Prof. Dr. Ramachandra Gautam, a theologian, says that Luto was thrown to cure skin diseases caused by mud. Farmers who work for a month celebrate on 1st of July by gathering with their relatives and having fun.

According to tradition, the monster named Kandarak is worshiped and thrown with herbs like kagbhalayo, kukardino, lutejhar, paniamala, lemon, mango, pear etc. which are also used as medicine.

There is a tradition in Nepalese society of playing the gong, blowing the conch, ringing the bell, and closing the door according to the tradition of the whole loto. The month of July is specially celebrated by worshiping Lord Shiva. Theologian Gautam also said that women wear clothes such as green bangles to show that they are close to nature.

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