One day string operation in the same state transport office, census dispute, galaxy 4k sidha kura

Nepal’s two political parties are busy preparing for the General Assembly. Looking at the situation of the two parties, there is no difference. All of them are older leaders than the same party.  Leaders who have already parted ways are still in the race to take the lead on their own.  It has become a shame for the new generation to think of leadership while the old leaders have always been in the leadership rather than the party.

The census, which started on the eve of Chandra Samser, is now the 12th census in Nepal.  In Baglung, the data provided by the Department of Population Statistics has been recorded in blank paper and the census paper has not even mentioned the caste.  The census itself has not been able to do so.

According to Hemraj Regmi, Deputy Director General of the Central Statistics Office, one person can collect up to 200 data on average and conduct the census in 15 days.  He said that 123 castes have been mentioned and other missing persons have been included in the list. It has been found that the details of population statistics have been found to be incorrect in some places.  Even though the enumerators have been trained and sent to the field, they have not been able to fill in the specific details.

No matter how much you try to change, the condition of the vehicle does not seem to improve.  However, people who take service benefits outside the rules of access power say that they have not got the permit even after doing all the work.  He said that he was saddened that he did not get the permit even though he was given the number.

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