One morning Balen Sah found sacks of inedible rice

On the occasion of Bada Dasai, the great festival of Hindus, as the illegal activities increase day by day and the sale and distribution of substandard materials affect human health, expired laws have been deployed in Kathmandu under the leadership of Mayor Balen Shah.  Banned materials are being used in sales and distribution, and the work of destroying has been carried forward.

It has been found that expired items are being sold in Khady Sansthan located in Thapathali.  The metropolis has kept the expired items at the point of sale and while such work is being done by the government organization, the private level shops are found to be doing such things that are more inconvenient for the customers.  It seems that two sectors, government and non-government, have to play an important role in order to provide healthy materials to the common citizens.
Even though the team led by Deputy Mayor Sunita Dhungol found expired materials in most of the places, this shift gave Sudrin a chance and Sunita said that she will not leave for the second time.  Balen has continuously taken one step after another to fulfill his dream of building a beautiful holy metropolis by demolishing illegal and disorderly structures in Kathmandu Metropolitan City.  Balen has received support from many people, but some people have also received negative comments and threats.
After Balen Shah issued a 35-day notice and started demolishing the structures built along the Tukucha river, the Patan High Court issued a short-term order to stop the demolition of the houses built on the Tukucha river.  According to the writ filed by Bhola Bikram Thapa of Prince Tour and Travels, the court gave the said order.  The bench of Judge Dipendra Bam of the High Court has issued the order. According to the writ given by Bhola Bikram Thapa, since all the procedures were completed in accordance with the government’s law when building the house, in order to stop the demolition of the house which cannot be demolished without giving compensation for the demolition of the house.  The High Court has ordered.
As Engineer Balen Shah fully knows what structure should be built and how it affects life, he has proceeded with the work accordingly.  In the place made for parking in the underground from Baneshwar in Kathmandu, after the work of keeping the shop, now after the shop has been torn down for parking the place allocated for parking, the small businesses have said that they have done the right thing in other ways, even though they have been inconvenienced.  Since the steps taken by Shah are good, he has suggested continuing the work of long-term construction.
After winning as an independent person, he said that since he worked according to the vision agenda, everyone should take advantage of his steps.  After making the map of the building, the structure that was kept for parking, after the work of placing the shop, the metropolis demolished those structures and opened them for parking.  As there is no parking space on the side of the road, it will be very difficult for the drivers and it will also be difficult for the pedestrians. In order to reduce the problems faced by the residents of Kathmandu, the work of clearing the space for parking has been started.
Apart from the map pass, they have used other places for personal purposes, and by setting up shops there, they have done the work of demolishing the structures built outside the agreement and map of the metropolis.  In recent times, Balen Sah has started one work after another, some of the work has brought him into controversy, but it has benefited the people as well.  Now he is increasing his intensity in other works including the garbage of Kathmandu.  In order to make the Kathmandu metropolis clean and beautiful, Balen Sah has been continuously working on cleaning the streets even at night.

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