One of the best public toilets in Kathmandu Valley

The toilet at Buddha Park in Swayambhu, Kathmandu is one of the fifth largest sanitation facilities in the world. Sanitation is the first thing people need in everything.  However, they have not been able to clean it completely. The place where people need cleanliness is the toilet. The speed of the toilet in Nepal and other countries also stops defecation.  I can’t walk because of the stench. People need toilets when they suddenly urinate. But there are still not enough toilets in Nepal.

The pace of the toilets is also in a state of disarray. Even though the public toilets are running, there is no sanitation. Kathmandu has become a metropolitan city with only a handful of resources.  Palika is in the capital of the country. People understand that when there is such a movement in the capital of the country, there are service facilities outside the place.  .

The slogan of making Nepal clean and beautiful is limited to one slogan. The work does not seem to have changed much.  The condition of the toilets is found to be very critical. The metropolis has not been able to develop even though it has taken many initiatives for sanitation.

The city has not even been able to build the necessary toilets within the metropolis, which causes problems for the people.  The record has been broken. The toilet is located in the fifth sanitation toilet of the world. High quality technology has been used in the toilet.  Explains

Despite the world’s strategy of having toilets at a distance of 1 km to 500 meters, there are no toilets in the metropolis.  People need toilets at any time, but in Nepal there are not enough toilets, so people have to urinate in open spaces where there is a problem.

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