One Stupid Rumor About Rekha Thapa

We have Rekha Thapa on the sets of Sanjay Xpress, and we asked her a few quirky questions. Check this segment with her out! Sanjay Xpress is a light-hearted short fun talk show, where Sanjay Silwal Gupta asks our guests fun and jovial questions for our viewers!

Rekha Thapa is a Nepalese film actress, model, and filmmaker. She was a top ten finalist for Miss Nepal in 1999. Two years later she made her movie debut in Chhabiraj Ojha’s Hero. She has worked in around 200 Nepali movies and has gained popularity in the Nepali cine world.

Watch Sanjay Xpress – A Fun Segment With Sanjay Silwal Gupta.

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