One success after another, electricity from mini hydropower within 1/2 day

Hark Sampang, the mayor of Dharan, who is getting success and appreciation in everything he does, has said that after providing water to the people of Dharan through Shramdan, he is now taking steps for the arrangement of Bidhut as well. Nowadays, people say that they work in Shramdan, they eat lunch worth 2-3 lakhs, but they say that we do not come here to eat lunch, but because we come here to work, we do not spend on lunch.

He said that the citizens of Dharan are advancing their steps day by day in making Dharan a model city by donating labor and financial materials from the country and abroad. She said that for the first time in the history of Nepal, water was brought from Shramdan, and in some time, Dharan will be made Jhalmali. Hark Sampang said that many people used to come directly to the municipality to get services instead of going to the office, and he used to sit in the working room during office hours and serve the people and donate labor with the people during the rest of the time.

He said that since everything about the party and friends is on Facebook, he uses Facebook to inform the people and from there he is giving information to the people. He said that because he knows what kind of work I am doing, rather than what others are thinking about me, what they are doing for me, he wants to do good work to serve the people. Hark Sampang annoyed my friend who is against me, he said that he is good at doing good work.

Mayor Hark Sampang, who is in the news at home and abroad on the 1st of July, has sung a tear-jerking song saying that he can do something for the country and die for the country. He has sung a song saying that we should not spread big gossip in the country, but do small things and move forward together with each other. He has sung to end corruption in the country and find a way to live life in reality. He has sung that we should move forward together for the development of the country, not by fighting against each other.

He said that I can touch the sky with the pride of this country. He has sung a poignant song saying that you can carry the country, you can die for the country. He has sung so that you can live the life of reality while staying in the dream, being stunned with your imagination. Hark Sampang, who has always won the hearts of the people by developing positive work and spirit in the society, has sung a touching song touching his life and the state of the country at that time. It is found that there is consistency and a very deep feeling in the works of his songs.

After the water of Pakuwa River reached the doorsteps of the people of Dharan Municipality, Mayor Hark Sampang said that the project of Pakuwa River has been completed and now we all should start new work and work for the good of the country and the people. He bid farewell by wearing garlands and tikas. He said that in the coming days, everyone should be active in one work after another. Even if we think we have worked for a couple of hours, we have developed a new culture.

He said that those who have contributed to this work, everyone has a plan, in the days to come, a program will be held to reduce drug addiction one day a week on Friday. After the water of Pakuwa river reached Dharan, Mayor Hark Sampang has requested to thank him because he is only a means and this work has been done by all Dharan people. As he is a common man, I do not want to make him a hero, because all this is the work of the people, he is the people who deserve thanks. He said that although this work is small for the opposition, it is a very big work for him.

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