Opening the poll of the first night of Karisma with Binod, Nir Sah laughed heartily.

A new project of artists like Nir Sah, Karisma Manandhar, Saroj Khanal and Niruta Singh, who have made a name for themselves in the Nepali film industry, is underway. Nir Sah, who has been in the film industry for a long time, said that the programs in the film industry have become a festival for him.

When Neer left, he arrived at a hotel in London, where Hotel Sahu told Karisma Ji that he had arrived at the place where he was staying, and that his team had gone to shoot a Kasturi movie on the same day, to give his birthday. As the party went on all night, Nir Sah said that it was a memorable day for everyone as Karisma and Binod Manandhar Maya stayed that night. Artists Saroj Khanal, Karisma Manandhar and Niruta Singh, who have been struggling in the Nepali film industry for a long time, were famous among the audience for their art.

Niruta Singh has said that she has kept her name unmarried lately. Although they used to meet because they had worked together before, now they have been able to meet after a long time in connection with the work of the project, she said. Niruta said that although she liked Saroj very much, she was very sad when she came to this area, left the country and went abroad. Saroj said that although he likes Niruta very much, he has not been able to work with her till now. When Niruta first went to New Road to buy movie clothes, when she met Karisma for the first time, she said that she was surprised. She said that Saroj likes Karisma very much, so he used to sit under the tripod and watch Karisma even on the day when he was not shooting.

Although Karisma has worked with many artists including Rajesh Hamal, she said that although she could not share so much with others, she would openly share anything with Saroj. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally, remembering our old friends, who used to be in touch every week, 15 days a month, even when the first letter was telephone, now mobile phones are in the hands of people, new technologies have brought new technology in their hands. Khanal has given birth. An older generation, and nowadays, the most talked about artists in the audience, have had special debates about current and past films and friendships, which have shown two generations.

Saroj Khanal used to say hello to everyone who went to the shooting, but now everyone who goes to the shooting says hello to him. He said that his father used to call him “uncle” because he had a good friendship with his father. He has given priority. He said that the artists of the past and present have come up with their own kind of technology and culture and accordingly, they have made films suitable for the society.

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