Opposition alliance against Oli is getting stronger

While Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is preparing to take a vote of confidence, the opposition has started mobilizing against him. One faction of the main opposition, the Nepali Congress, the Maoist Center and the Janata Samajwadi Party, stood in one place without giving Oli a vote of confidence. Not only that, Prime Minister Oli has gone alone after the UML’s Madhav Kumar Nepal faction was also seen in opposition.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has convened a meeting of the Constitutional Council. Oli has called a meeting for Sunday. Oli has called a meeting to appoint him to the Constitutional Commission through an ordinance. President Bhandari had passed the ordinance only a few days ago on the recommendation of the government.

It is unlikely that the Speaker and the Opposition will attend the meeting of the Constitutional Council convened at a time of strife between the political parties. Earlier, Oli had appointed him to the Constitutional Commission through an ordinance after the Speaker and the Opposition did not attend the meeting convened by the Prime Minister. His move was opposed by other parties. According to a member of the council, a meeting has been called to fill the vacancies in the commission.

According to him, Oli wants to appoint people in the Public Service Commission, Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority, Election Commission, Inclusive Commission and other constitutional commissions due to vacancies. The Maoists have not been able to be appointed due to lack of support from the Center and the Nepali Congress.

Earlier, a meeting convened by Prime Minister Oli for appointment to the Constitutional Commission could not be held due to the absence of the Leader of the Main Opposition and the Speaker. Now again the government is going to make appointments through ordinances.

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