Opposition parties are confident that the parliament will be reconstituted

At present, the political situation in Nepal is very serious. A writ petition has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking reconstitution of the parliament as the incumbent Prime Minister has repeatedly trampled on the provisions of the constitution. The Prime Minister had dissolved the parliament by making a decision contrary to the constitution. He was remanded to the court. A writ petition has been filed to dissolve the parliament as the prime minister has done the same process again.

Shyam Kumar Shrestha, Member of Parliament and Central Member of the CPN-Maoist Central Committee, came out against Oli. In the dissolved parliament last year, the dissolution of the parliament was rejected by the Prime Minister saying that the constitution was not given by the Supreme Court. One month later, according to Article 100, Clause 1 of the Constitution, the Prime Minister was supposed to take a vote of confidence, but he did not. While the country was in lockdown due to Corona, they took the proposal in accordance with Article 100 on April 10. Eventually he failed. Automatically dismissed. Within a month of his reappointment as prime minister, he did not take the vote of confidence. Stating that a majority would not come, he had submitted a petition to the President to pave the way for the opposition parties to form an alternative government.

According to Shrestha, it is not in the constitution to claim the post of prime minister again. While the Prime Minister is making such a claim, Article 61, 1, 2, 3, 4 of the Constitution provides that any right can be exercised. However, Shrestha said that he was forced to knock on the door of the Supreme Court after the President rejected the claim and decided to dissolve the parliament at midnight.

UML MP Bhumi Tripathi has said that the parliament was dissolved on May 5 by Prime Minister Oli citing the reason why this government could not give another government. According to him, the reason has now been confirmed. According to Tripathi, the constitution is not only a document of law but also a political document. He said that the Prime Minister had come to the conclusion of dissolving the parliament as he could not cast his vote and could not give an alternative government while asking for a vote of confidence.

He accused the political parties of being interested in giving the opportunity to any parliament to claim the post independently. He also said that it was against the principles of the Nepali Congress for the Nepali Congress leader to claim the post on the basis of the votes of other parties.

He also said that he can go outside the party and claim the post independently but he cannot claim the post with other parties. According to him, politics is changing from second to second. According to Tripathi, there is no basis for reconstituting the parliament. However, CPN (Maoist) MP Shrestha has claimed that the parliament will be reconstituted.

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