Ordinance on political parties introduced in Parliament amid UML slogans

CPN-UML has obstructed the parliament which started on Wednesday. The UML has protested against the non-disclosure of vacancies of 14 lawmakers. UML and the Speaker have clashed in the parliament meeting on Wednesday.UML leaders chanted slogans against the speaker at the parliament building. Speaker Agni Sapkota has warned to take action against the UML for obstructing the parliament sitting.

As soon as the meeting of the House of Representatives started, the UML MPs surrounded the house and chanted slogans saying that they would not allow the House to function unless action was taken against the 14 members. However, the meeting was adjourned for 15 minutes as the sloganeering did not stop.

CPN-UML MPs have chanted slogans against the Speaker of the House of Representatives against the Rules of the House of Representatives 2075 BS. As soon as the meeting started on Wednesday, the UML lawmakers chanted slogans and said, Speaker Agni Sapkota chanted slogans such as “Death or the rule of law”.

Speaker Sapkota drew attention to study sections ‘ka’ and ‘kha’ of Rule 21. However, Speaker Sapkota adjourned the meeting for 15 minutes after the UML lawmakers did not stop chanting slogans. According to the Parliamentary Rules, there is a provision that the Speaker should not criticize the conduct of the Speaker except during the discussion of the proposal that he has not behaved in a manner conducive to the post.

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