Overnight Viral Twin Sisters Get Married In The Same Home

It is said that marriage is not seen but written. It is a coincidence that twin brothers have to marry twin sisters, others look on, brothers and sisters have a bit of a talkative nature, while the brothers speak in a less controlled and controlled manner, while the brothers are not able to speak, have a funny and friendly nature. The sister who is married to the same brother is as talkative and friendly as the brother. And the sister who is married to the brother is less talkative.

They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities, which is evident from the fact that they have a good understanding of each other. Before the marriage, when Bikalp and Kabya fell in love, they did not even know each other at first that they were twins.

When they came to celebrate their brother’s birthday, everyone told them that they should marry their twin brothers. In particular, the father of the brothers liked the idea of ​​getting married and from time to time he would even call them to get married. He looked very enthusiastic even though everyone was tormented when he came home by car for a long time.

He was very happy to be able to fulfill his wish and his sisters Kabya and Dibya are also very happy. Coincidence is probably a rare coincidence. However, this coincidence has happened to them and they have been able to experience it even in their real life.

In an interview with Online TV Nepal, they openly shared each other’s experiences and likes and dislikes. Even their tiktok videos, which can act very well, are going viral on social media right now.

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