Pabson: Student health in risk

Education sector has been the hotspot of Corona. Health ministry has appealed to close the educational sectors of Nepal mostly of Kathmandu district including 13 more. The other districts include Chitwan, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Baitadi, Kaski, Rupanandehi, Banke, Parsa, Kailai, Morang,Dang, Surkhet, Bara and Baglung. These districts are in the red zone area for the attack of coronavirus. The CCMC is given its notice to close down all the academic sectors within this month of Baishak to control the virus but the PABSON organization is neglecting the notice of board members of CCMC and health ministry of Nepal.

Because of their own benefits, they are ignoring the notice and running the boarding school which will directly hamper the health of many students all over the country. The positive cases of corona are increasing day by day. If such a condition increases in the same ratio, then it will not take more time to Lockdown the country again and to face the same bad scenarios that we had faced before. According to the health specialists, If the same condition goes in flow, then the condition will be so harsh that  we may even find 11000 corona infected people per day. In the kendriya Bal Hospital more than 200 coronavirus patients (mostly the students) are being admitted. Due to these cases, the parents are being afraid to send their child to the boarding school.

Though the schools are saying that they are teaching the students by following the good precautions inside the school environment, it seems difficult to manage the classes in a safe way. Though the patients with corona positive are increasingly rapidly, but the school organization PABSON and N_PABSON are not obeying the government decision. It seems like they are more focused on earning money than to save the lives of their students, their greediness is clearly reflecting from their decision.

They say that the virtual classes are not being effective as the formal classes, so they are becoming bounded to run the classes even in this pandemic situation. According to them, with implementing the social distance, use of mask and hand sanitizer we can provide the safe environment to the students. While looking to the day to day condition, it seems good idea to follow the decision of health ministry and close the educational sector as soon as possible otherwise the it will not take time to face the harsh situation as before.

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