Pal Shah came on the phone and told Durgesh Thapa that Durgesh and Pal were face to face

Actor Pal Shah has said that he was attacked in a planned and conspiratorial manner. After the audio of his relationship with a singer became public through social media, he even made public the names of four people calling himself a ‘person trying to deceive’.

With the release of the audio of the tough conspiracy hatched by singer Durgesh Thapa against actor Pal Shah, the Pal review scandal has reached its climax again. Singers Durgesh Thapa, Saroj Oli, Samrat Chaulagain and Krishna Joshi have been dragged into further controversy due to the audio of the plot against Pal. Artist Pal Shah, who is facing charges of rape against himself at the District Police Office, Tanahu, has revealed some new secrets and posted some audio evidence saying that there was a conspiracy against him on the social network Facebook.

Paul wrote on Facebook after a 17-year-old singer lodged a complaint with the police alleging that he had been raped. Paul said that Durgesh Thapa, Saroj Oli, Krishna Joshi and Samrat Chaulagain tried to deceive him. He has also mentioned that he is ready to be punished according to the law if found guilty.

According to the audio clip, “Paul beat me up while I was asleep and tried to seduce me”, “Our relationship dates back to 2 years ago and I have a girlfriend only 1 year later”. “There are various unheard of things that have been said, including ‘I was killed,'” Paul wrote.

According to the audio, the group including Durgesh Thas seems to have tried to promote the review at a time when there is a possibility of an understanding between Paul and the review. In the audio, one of the Taliban has said to Durgash, “In this case, we should not be seen except you (review). None of us should be seen. You will fight yourself. We just want to support. ‘

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