Parliament is dissolved in the interests of the president and prime minister

After the dissolution of the parliament in Nepal, five parties have issued a statement expressing
their joint protest. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had submitted a recommendation to President
Vidyadevi Bhandari saying that he could not get a majority in the parliament. At the same time,
President Bhandari called on the lawmakers to come forward to claim the PM with a majority.
CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli and Nepali Congress President Sher B Deuba had submitted the
claim letter to the President. But the president said in a statement that parliament had been
dissolved at midnight on Friday, saying there was not enough evidence to become prime
minister. Oli is now the caretaker Prime Minister.

With the dissolution of parliament, the president has announced a date for mid-term elections.
Opposition parties have been protesting against the announcement. The five parties have also
issued a joint statement of protest. Chairman of the Rastriya Janamorcha Chitra Bahadur KC has
termed the move of the President and the Prime Minister as a reversal. Chairman KC has said
that the dissolution of the parliament by the Prime Minister on May 19 is in his interest. He is
accused of dissolving the parliament after failing to resolve the dispute within the UML. He said
that Oli should resign on the basis of morality after the Supreme Court ruled that the move to
dissolve the parliament was wrong. Even after the parliament was reconstituted, there were
protests demanding his resignation. But he said he would not step down as prime minister. On 27
April, Oli announced a vote of confidence in parliament. He knew in that look that he had failed
to get a majority. However, he left with a vote of confidence. He had to resign on moral grounds
after failing to get a vote of confidence in parliament. However, he again moved to the post of
prime minister.

There is a constitutional provision that a vote of confidence must be taken within a month of the
swearing in of the Prime Minister. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not
enough to defeat President Conte’s government. He said that Oli’s focus was on dissolving the
parliament and now he has succeeded in doing so. People are suffering from lack of oxygen
during the Corona epidemic. But he also said that Olivia was greedy for the post rather than
fulfilling his responsibilities. He emphasized the need to focus on this type of regression.
The statement said that the parliament was forced to dissolve the parliament as the president did
not comply with the policy called for by the prime minister. However, Chairman KC has accused
the President of making such a decision out of embarrassment. The president has accused Oli of
covering up his unconstitutional activities.
Opposition parties have filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court on Sunday, collecting
signatures of 149 lawmakers. Chairman KC has also said that the election will not be held on the
date announced by the President

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