Passengers hit by stones on Narayangarh-Muglin Road

With the onset of rains, the Narayangarh-Muglin road section has been experiencing a series of landslides and roadblocks. The problem of landslides has increased as the vehicles that were stuck in the landslide have not been able to cross the road.

According to Engineer Shiva Khanal, Information Officer at the Division Road Office, Bharatpur, landslides have been plaguing places like Setidobhan, Ichchakamana, 4 kg, 5 kg and 14 kg of Bharatpur Metropolitan City-29 for the past one week.

He said that it has become difficult to clean the road due to mud and stones falling on the road in Setidobhan this afternoon.

Landslides have occurred in places where landslides have not occurred in recent years. The turn is about 80 meters from the road. He informed that there was only six meters of soil there. Farming is being done in that place.

The landslide has fallen from the same place. The source of water has burst at a depth of 40 meters. It has become difficult to stop the landslide as water is flowing from there. He said that the landslide occurred again after some vehicles were not allowed to cross the road.

Chief Police Inspector Bhagwan Raj Thapa of the District Traffic Police Office Chitwan said that it was difficult to open the road. The road has been causing misery for a long time. He said, “Now that the road is open, the landslide has started falling in Setidobhan.”

landslide that has been falling since the evening of July 3 has been causing continuous grief. When will it happen “I urge everyone to use an alternative route if you have to walk,” he said.

Stating that the people in the traffic jam are sick, have no food and are at high risk on the roads, he suggested vehicles coming from the east to enter the capital from Bardibas and Hetauda.

Stating that the number of vehicles queuing on and off the road to cross the road has reached more than 3,000, he informed that large vehicles have been waiting for the road for the past three days.

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